Finity of lists

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Finity of lists
Creator Nikos Voyiatzis
Year 2015
Bio Nikos Voyiatzis' work explores information organisation in its political and aesthetic dimensions, particularly in the networked context. He has a background on Library Science and Information Systems and has been working as an art librarian, information literacy instructor and workshop designer.

The web is the world of classified information. Individuals as information collectors operate within databases and their lists in order to access information and gain meaning of the world. This research explores the effect of the list on the online information collector by looking at its political and ideological dimensions. It focuses on online lists of search results and how they enforce a flat online experience. Finity of lists is a work that constists of versions of audiovisual interfaces to a distributed collection of online sources. The collection's content refers to the problematics of the list and their effect on the online man. From the modernist notions of universal language and classification, to their critique and notions of topicality and subjugated knowledge, to the contemporary explosion of the cultural technology of the list in the web .The main elements of the work are a subjective taxonomy and a playful online space, which attempt to form a response to the flatness of the list.