Fabian Landewee

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Fabian Landewee
Creator Fabian Landewee
Year 2018
Bio Fabian Landewee [NL] is a photographer and visual artist based in Amsterdam. His practice focuses on image as object and photographic production. Expanding this to his fields of interest, the (im)possible representation of LGBTQ+ people is one of his main subjects; with recurring themes like vulnerability and desire.
DSC sculptuur fabian landewee.jpg
Website http://www.fabianlandewee.com/

“Untitled, 2018” is an installation of photographs. In the space, bodies meet bodies, represented as photographic objects and through depictions of flesh. On the wall large prints of photographic apparatuses hang next to intimate images of LGBTQ+ individuals. The artist combines his interest in the gay gaze together with exploring notions of ‘seeing’ in itself. By focusing on the objecthood of photographs he attempts to emphasize materiality - and therewith vulnerability - in the photographic medium.