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New codes are being elaborated, and code of technical images is one of the most important codes. He thinks nowadays, if you want to have a clear and distinct communication of your concepts, you have to use synthetic images, no longer words.

1) In his book <die schrift>, the development and concepts shows people started to think historically in a casual and critical way due to the structure of linears writing is a uni-dimensional , uni-directed line. However, now the line has been disrupted into points, historical progressive thinking is being abandoned in a systemic or a structural way of thinking.

2) During his lecture, He thinks that systems can be complex in two senses: structurally complex, functionally complex. (By structurally complex, there can be systems where elements maintain a very complex relation with each other, and by functionally complex, he means if you use the system, you can use it in a complex way.) Additionally, those two complexities are independent one on the other, a structurally complex system may be functionally simple, and structurally simple system can be functionally complex. Whether one system is functionally complex or not is depends on us.

3) As for the philosophy of images, he thinks most of it is negative. He thinks the images no longer represent the world. Therefore, a new attitude toward the image is necessary.

Overall , he thinks every revolution , for instance: political , economic, social , etc. is in the last a technical revolution.


1)He thinks the word “read” means to guess, read activates to eruptive of guessing.

2)He thinks advertising is a great art form since it’s not private , but cooperation works. The nature of art is to set a trap to catch people’s attention.

3)The effect of TV is message, people are surrounded by TV physically, the effect of the programs is essential.

4)Search of identity through violence, he thinks the alternative of violence is dialogue. He made some examples of superman, star war, etc. to indicate young people are struggling to discover who they are.

5)He thinks about all games and sports are huge ways of discovering dramatizing what the society you are in about. Those games would become meaningless without audience. By mentioning that he shows his interests in the connections between games dramatizing and violent behavior under control.