Exquisite corpse exercise

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Exquisite corpse is a method for collectively assembling images or words. The name originates from the French term cadavre exquis.
It is often executed by one person drawing or writing on a piece of paper, folding it so that a tiny portion of the drawn lines or the last few words are visible, and handing it off to the next person to continue writing or drawing.

In Context
The Exquisite corpse exercise was used in the creation of the fictional narrative for the broadcast episode "Personal Accounts of Irreplaceable Lace: a 200 year old history of Lost and Found". The protocol for this was as follows:

  • The caretakers divided the narrative into past, present and future. Each caretaker taking one tense.
  • They all wrote for about 10 minutes, after which they would pass it on clock-wise for the next person to continue writing.
  • After each writing cycle of 10 minutes, they would read out what has been written, in order to have some narrative consistency