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Creator Leonie Urff,
Year 2009
LeonieUrff ExpoReview Plaatjesbanner3.jpg
Website http://www.exporeview.nl/cbk/play.php

Expo(re)review is a framework for capturing people's exhibition visits; a small camera is placed in wearable object- a tie or scarf- to be worn by any visitor willing to participate in the making of an on-line video catalog of the exhibition. All you're asked to do is walk through the show as you normally would and let the camera film what you see. Your footage is then downloaded into a computer where it will be cut-up and labelled with various keywords. The resulting videos are uploaded to the Expo(re)view website creating an on-line video catalog of that particular exhibition, a show and tell as it were of what different, yet quite individual ways visitors experience an exhibition. It provides an interesting alternative to the kind of information that is normally provided from the perspective of a museum, gallery and/ or artist.