Epublishing Alumni Day 2012

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Quick working definition of e-publishing

  • e-books, e-journals vs. web sites
  • blogs, social media

Summary of e-publishing status quo 2012

World-wide sales figures of Amazon Kindle and other e-book platforms

Electronic magazines and newspapers, quick case study with Libération

  • the bundle:
    • as analogue newspaper: for your coffee table
    • as web site: http://liberation.fr for your computer and good old web
    • as single file: PDF for your software readers and e-readers devices
    • as software: apps for your Android and iPhone/iPad phones and tablets (TV?)

Software industry infrastructure, quick case study with Adobe and Apple

academic and educational e-publishing

The other side of e-publishing

Electronic book utopias and developments of the 20th century

  • 1945: Vannevar Bush, the memex
  • 1963: Ted Nelson, the hypertext, [1]
  • 1967-1968: Douglas Engelbart, the hyperlink
  • 1971: troff & Unix manpages
  • 1970s-1990s: BBS Hacker text files (principia discordia, anarchist cookbook etc.)
  • 1980s-now: pirate scene, nfos, display hacks, demos and manymany diskmags

1990s 'interactive multimedia' visions

2000s collaborative/cross-media authoring visions

How do electronic documents work

  • executable vs. non-executable formats/apps vs. epub: advantages/disadvantages
  • paginated vs. reflowable content: advantages/disadvantages
  • problems: reader compatibility, business models, DRM, limitations of multimedia integration
  • Status quo of epub design: IT services vs. graphic design, how graphic designers need to rethink
  • publishing/long-term access/stability vs. communication/short-term access/instability
  • self-contained files in stable formats vs. distributed content in unstable formats

An ebook or a website?

ePublishing as cinematic software

Designing the electro library

  • 1923: El Lissitzky, 'Electro Library'
  • Designers must make a choice:
    • choice of tools
    • choice of distribution