EYE Project- Final film

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Watch the film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiCXzwOZgP4&t=82s

It is a short film about a guy comes from the future who has an ability to create the special fruit which has the magic power to make people experience the organism without any external body contact. one night, the guy goes to meet a girl he has been seeing for a while, he showed the girl the magic fruit, the girl is so confused in the beginning because the guy is running away from kissing, touching and body contact. but later the whole atmosphere changed after she eats the magic fruit, she sees colorful sexy fruits dancing in front her, as if she jumps into to a different space, she feels hot and excited, with power goes stronger, she reached the climax, after settle down, she saw scenes where she met the guy at the first time. it was the best sex experience ever.

About Actors and scenes:
The guy comes from future, he represents the new possibility of communication, social behaviours and evolution. The girl comes from 21 Century, she represents us, audiences. So when I looking for actors, I want the guy looks futuristic, who has a cool handsome face, strong body, looks intelligent and full of confidence, dress well etc. Where does he show up is also very unique, somewhere like the time tunnel. The girl is a someone we can see very often, she is young, full of passion and curious about everything. Where does she show up is more like a very cosy room with hanging decorations, funny posters, dolls, plants etc.

Inter je.jpg 3inter fff.jpg

About performing:
First part: Rejection
The girl is very proactive, she finally meets this handsome guy in a private space, so she wants to have sex with him. But the guy, on the contrary, doesn't want the normal sex, he is running away from her and tries to calm her down. In the first scene, they are standing in front of the door, the girl is already cannot wait to kiss him. He walks away and sit on the sofa. She didn't give up, take off her jacket on the floor and smiling at him, follows him on the sofa.

She becomes more aggressive. She jumps on the guy's body, kiss him and trying to take off his jacket and go further, but the guy still acting very cold. He holds her up and pushes her in the corner on the sofa. She is so confused and angry.

Rejection inter.png

Second part: Intersection

The guy still remains calm and wait till the girl is not exciting anymore, he starts showing his trick, ruminate a tomato out from his mouth, he got the girl's all attention and he gives it to the girl, she is surprised and confused, doesn't know what to do. The guy gives her the confirmation that it is fine to eat it. she eats the tomato cautiously, few seconds later, she hears a reminder sound that is full of joy and victory, something good is happening. Then she sees those colorful images, full of sexy shapes like human bodies, but actually they are all fruits and vegetables. Her body becomes very hot, she feels like someone is touching her and inside of her, it becomes stronger and faster, she reaches the climax eventually. After a while, another reminder sound comes to her, she is standing in a space a time tunnel, it is really colorful and beautiful. she starts walking and the guy shows up from one corner, they look at each other, he smiles to her, like a welcome to the new world.

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