Discussing protocols (Wordhole)

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We talked a lot about how protocol can make it easier for us to work together and be helpful in making decisions as a group. We tried to establish a system that would be helpful in reading texts together and writing down our reflections and sharing them. Depending on the activities undertaken in the group, new protocols appeared. These include taking notes in etherpad, how effectively we can share observations after listening to a radio show, making sure everyone has a voice, and how to speed up the decision-making process. We also established a hand shake protocol to express consent or disagreement. A breakfast protocol for listening to the radio emerged, but it did not last.

We talked about whether strict adherence to protocols is limiting at some point. One of the groups prepared a radio broadcast titled: destroying protocols. This topic inspired one student, who started to wonder how to gentle the protocol and how to highlight its sensitive sides. This led to a game of love letters from the protocol. Love letters from the protocol are like a kiss on the forehead when you are completely stuck and hopeless. It's like holding your hand when you get lost in the documents you need to fill out.

We questioned, when is it helpful to create strict rules, and when is it more fruitful to not follow them? It's something that's fluid and there's no protocol for it.

Xpub cake for the brakfast protocol