DIY (Drone It Yourself) Kit v1.0

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DIY (Drone It Yourself) Kit v1.0
Creator Jasper van Loenen,
Year 2013

The DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 kit offers you the opportunity to turn any object into a drone*, simply by attaching four motors and a control unit – no technical know-how needed. The kit consists of multiple parts that are easy to assemble and can be attached to a wide range of different objects.

For more advanced uses, you can take the original designs and alter the kit by making your own custom clamps or add-ons as needed.

The plastic parts have been 3D printed in ABS. The control unit contains a receiver, four ESCs, a bluetooth module and an OpenPilot CC3D flightcontroller.

  • Technically this would be an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), not a drone, but drone seems to be the term most used these days.