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Fascinated by the idea of the bridge I have started working this summer on a video continuation of a work I have started during the second trimester.
Lines_ Entities is a non–narrative video composed from a series of constructed subtle movements of time and space.
It explores the boundaries of perception, lines/ horizons and crossing boundaries in the field of real virtuality. The abstract raw material aims to explore the relationship between the virtual and physical, real world and the equivalent artificial, fictional creating an ambiguous parallel of dual reality. Thus it potentially deceives the viewer's perception.
The hybrid manipulation of the imaginary, abstract space slowly reveals the real physical space – monument of the modern architecture. Thereby, it results in combination of synthetic construction and generative graphics, which blurs the “lines” of real and fiction creating rather abstract, minimalistic capsule of almost still life - a slight movement of time.

Lines Entities01.png Lines entities 2.png