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Michel Foucault - The Culture of the Self, First Lecture ━┓████▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ▇┃█░░█▣▣ ━┓████▣▣

what are we what do we have to be in the frame of actualite what are we now

2 poles -what is truth, how is possible to know it -what is our actualite? what are we as part of it?what is the target of our activite of philosopsising

2 poles of critical history of ourshelves or of our thought

-how did the history of our thought make us what we are. -how can we analyze the formation of our self in the lense of our thought

analyze peoples meaning through behaviour

For greeks and roman that one should take care of the self was the main principle.Socrates presents himself as the master of the concern of the self (care of himself and the feeling to care of the others as received from God).Gregory of Nissa means with care of oneself differently,(the movenemt by which one marriage detouched oneself from the self, and thanx to virginity of heart and body one recoves the immortality).

THE CARE OF ONESELF=>A CONSTANT PRINCIPLE AND A VERY LARGE PRACTISE .The principle of occuping oneself with oneself was woldwide accepted , Epicureans = its never too late or too early to occupy oneself with ones soul. Epiktetes' definition of human beeing= man is this uniqye kind of beeings of the earth that have to tace care of themselves. (nature gave animals everything they need but men not, but also need for care as a gift, the possibility and the duty of beeing free)

care of yourself--know your self( γνῶθι σεαυτόν)

care of the self as practical matrix of the experiental self the greko roman notion of the care of the self has been determining our current perception of the self

the culture of the self in roman greeks was linked to the collapse of the previous political systems who could be the reason for the rise of Individualism

helots- care of land because citizens "prefer to take care of themselves"


why should alciviadis take care of himseld?socrates says because he is in a state of tradition in his life. Socrates insists in the age. The obligation of the care is linked to the age, to his project (of rulin the city) and a defective pedagogy.

socrates- the self = soul (take care of the self = discover what the soul really is...)