Ctrl-F Reader

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Ctrl-F Reader
Creator Tsila Hassine
Year 2006
Ctrl-F Reader01.png
Website http://missdata.org/ctrlfreader/

Ctrl-F Reader is a reflection and an application. It reflects on the changing practices of reading in the age of mass digital text storage. It also serves as a tool for critical information consumption, or even as an automatic executive summary generator.


TsilaHassine Ctrl-F Reader Thesis.pdf

How do you like your daily media fix – online? offline? print??? What kind of reader are you ? Are you a shallow parser – browsing over the lines looking for some word to capture your attention? Or do you obediently read the newspaper / html page from start to end / top to bottom?

Ctrl-F Reader is a tool that proposes to readapt the traditional practice of reading to the WWW environment.