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A BASH script to combine two things on a single PDF page -- a python text file ( and a PNG image (bami.png).

Uses cups-pdf which creates a print-to-file "virtual printer" (named PDF) that when printed to (using the standard program lpr), creates a PDF. Note how PDF's (by default) are placed in ~/PDF and are named like the original with "pdf" as extension.

# sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

lpr -P PDF
mv ~/PDF/code.pdf .

lpr bami.png -P PDF
cp ~/PDF/bami.pdf .

# join into one document
pdftk code.pdf bami.pdf cat output 2page.pdf

# print to 2-up
lpr -o number-up=2 2page.pdf -P PDF
# wait for printing to finish... (or estimate the time in this case...)
sleep 5
mv ~/PDF/2page.pdf final.pdf