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1. Re-enact Yves Klein's Leap in the void.

2. Find a rather uncomfortable position to sit/stand in. Hold it for some time.


3. Write a poem with your feet.

Cladioscratch3.1.jpg Cladioscratch3.2.jpg Cladioscratch3.3.jpgCladioscratch3.4.jpg

4. Try to get stuck in an elevator.


5. Make a copy of the oldest and the most recent picture you have in your phone gallery.

Cladioscratch5.2.jpg Cladioscratch5.1.jpg

6. Sunbathe. Or else, rainshower.


7. Make a flag for your studio desk.


8. Go find lost objects in the building.

9. Make a cover version of someone else's cover version of someone else's scratch.

Cladio's cover of Steve's cover of Clara's scratch no1 "1// Document the back of your head"