Character recognition - from pdf to txt

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This patch character-recognizes text in an image pdf and outputs it into a txt file


  • the patch uses pdftk, imagemagick and tesseract-ocr(in debian repository) .
  • pdf should be 300dpi or higher resolution
  • takes as argument original pdf file name

#needs: pdftk, imagemagick and tesseract to be installed                                    
#pdf should be 300dpi or higher resolution                                                  

pdftk $1 burst #splits a pdf document into single pages named pg_0*.pdf                     

#convert each pdf page                                                                      
#1:from pdf to 8bit 300dpi tifs # this takes a while                                        
for i in pg*.pdf
convert -units pixelsperinch -density 300x300 -colorspace Gray -depth 8 $i "`basename $i .p\

#2:from gray-scale tif to monochorome tif                                                   
for i in pg*.tif
convert $i +dither -monochrome -normalize "`basename $i .tif`-m.tif"

#3:character recognition with tesseract                                                     
for i in *-m.tif
tesseract $i "`basename $i .tif`"

#4: cat ocr text content under 1 file                                                       
DUMP=`basename $1 .pdf`.txt;#replace sufix .pdf to .txt                                     
echo ==== $DUMP is the file with text content ====;
touch $DUMP; #create a new txt file                                                         
cat pg*.txt >> $DUMP;

#5: garbage collect                                                                         
echo ==== moving old files to transh/ ====;
mkdir trash;
mv pg* trash;
# remove dir if you no longer need those files
$ chmod +x
$ yourimagepdf.pdf