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Under the name of .py.rate.chnic sessions,
the second-year students from the Experimental Publishing Master program invite you to participate in a series of hands-on workshops, related to the topics of their graduation projects. 

Each workshop offers the participants an opportunity to engage with the students’ research by partaking in their processes, experiments, and discussions.

Detailed information in each workshop and registration can be found via the stationskills links listed bellow:

**Superpower Maps**
* By Paloma Garcia & Tancredi di Giovanni
* Date	Mon 27 Jan 2020   17:30-20:30

**Text Launderette**
* By Simon Browne & Pedro Sá Couto
* Date Mon 03 Feb 2020   17:30-20:30

**Cha Cha Chat**
* By Rita Graça & Artemis Gryllaki
* Date: Mon 10 Feb 2020   17:30-20:30

**Have you read your contract?**
* By Bohye Woo & Biyi Wen
* Date	Mon 2 March 2020   17:30-20:30