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A Republishing Tool Kit for an Imaginary Atlas
Issue #13
This picture comes from the future
The map of reality is not reality

The map of reality is not reality since the description of the thing is not the thing itself.
It’s all about interpretation: symbols, parameters, grids.
With the lack of interpretation comes the space for the individual abstraction.
The abstraction, together with the enforcement of new values and parameters, create new landscapes and possibilities for the future.

Online and offline

The project aims to explore the re-publishing of the publication series Words for the Future through the students' discursive and artistic responses to the original collection.
In the process, attention is given to make the content publicly accessible and usable both online and offline.

This issue is printed in an edition of 100 copies and from December the 8th it is online accessible for everyone.

Activation of ISSUE 13

We would like to invite you for the offline activation of ISSUE 13: WOR(L)DS FOR THE FUTURE.
By participating you will get an introduction to the work and are going to use the freshly printed toolkit to create you own imaginary atlas.
In a world in which words have the power to shape our lived reality, we are proposing a set of building blocks to rein-vision this common landscape, which is a blueprint of a future unknown.
Join us to un-map and re-map an infinite amount of potential constellations of our tomorrow, to navigate a not yet defined world which holds the capacity to bleed into the fabric of our shared grounds.

Plans for the day:
  • 11:00 event starts at shared place 4th floor
    • Presentation
    • Feedbacks in general
    • Introducing in what's next for the project
  • 11:30 circa **brunch** (feel free to bring some snacks :) :) ;) )
  • 12:00-14:00 *activation* + streaming online

Please write your name if you plan to come

The maximum amount of participants is 15

6: María José Crespo [FA]

If the list is full you can e-mail Leslie with your contact details to be on the reserve list. If you cannot participate anymore please let us/Leslie know; We can give your spot to someone on the reservation list!

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