Camera Research Focal Length

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For the presentation of Camera Research, I was trying to explore with Focal Length and Depth of Filed.

Before playing with camera lenses, I thought I need to start my research or study from my interest. I tried to find a proper subject and idea which I can develop in the class and also can be an appealing subject for my personal project these days.

I always wish to study masterpieces of western art history deeply. Studying the course of art history, meaning of the paintings something like that. I always feel lack of this knowledge. and in the end, I hope I can try to reinterpret one of the paintings within my style.

Especially, I really like Henri Rousseau which is a French post-impressionist painter. So I am studying his paintings intensively. I like one of his jungle paintings, The Dream. He brought together the exotic and the ordinary by creating a mysterious naked woman sitting on a sofa in a jungle. I really enjoyed seeing his imaginary world through this painting. His painting led me to explore his “Dream” literally as the title of the painting

I wanted to be in this scene and create a scene which feels like wandering in this jungle. So, I separated each layer of the leaf, woman, animals, trees with photoshop and bring them to 3D space with after effect and put them in depth to the Z direction. And put a camera in front of all the layers.

I set the same position and move to cameras which have different focal lengths but has the same aperture value. And see how deferent results they make.