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XPUB1- RW&RM - AT FINE ART HQ: Karel Doormanhof 45


We meet at:

Karel Doormanhof 45

3012 GC Rotterdam

at 10h

Kate Briggs and Steve Rushton are setting up a quite reading room so we can read each other's texts. Because there are 6 Xpublishers and 15 fine art students the brief presentations and readings will be split as follows

10h - 10h45 = 7-8 Fine artist read / talk about their work

10h45 - 11h45 = 6 xpublishers talk about their work (special issues and individual projects)

11h45 - 12h30 = Remaining fine artists read

12h30 - 1pm Questions and discussion

2-5pm = quiet reading in the room of each other's projects + KB and SR in the room to discuss and answer questions…

BRING: your publications and projects.

Looking forward to an interesting day.