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XPUB1: 11:00 - 17:00 RW&RM Steve in the small project space
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Femke’s note to Steve: “Today (21-5-19) the first years proposed to develop a collective project, that would connect different individual interests in annotation in the context of digital pirate libraries. We also discussed that the launch was going to be an active situation (workshops?) rather than a presentation, since the practice of piracy seems to matter more than talking about it. One thing that is still being discussed in the group, is what collection of materials they will be annotating.”

Descriptions of interests are here:

Today we will open by discussing the following:


1) Discuss event.

a) what, where, who?

b) overall aim

2) What collection of materials would be best for you to annotate?

a) what purpose does annotation serve (in your case)?

b) what does it do for the reader (in your case)?

c) what does it do for the annotators (in your case)?

3) Methods of annotation

a) what technologies of annotation could be developed?

b) consider the methods you have used to date (consider the advantages and limitations, {vis a vis what you want from this project})

c) consider the possibilities of the methods you have been introduced to as annotation tools (such as, watermarking and steganography)


4) look at your project descriptions and use them as a basis to make a plan

a) define your aim

b) what needs to be done?

c) make a timetable

d) what needs to be developed further?

e) who can help you? and how?

f) consider how you can organise your upcoming methods sessions (5 & 19 June) so they can help you realise your aim.


6) a) (as individuals) take 30min to make a sketch of what you plan to do (also define today's outcome for you). Use above as notes.

b) discuss plan in group

c) work on plan

d) Steve mingles

e) 17:00 convene for group discussion and plan going forward