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XPUB1 RW&RM - Steve in the small project space

11:00 Start

Session eight

The OUTCOME of this RW&RM session will be an ESSAY.

This will use two texts you have made a synopsis of;

the texts will be compared and you will make an evaluation of their similarities and differences;

you will also establish your own position in the discussion.

You will identify a question, outline an argument and reach a conclusion.

The two texts might agree or disagree, or the juxtaposition may provide interesting nuances.

Consider the two texts before coming to the class

We will begin at 11:00 with a deadline for final draft at 18:00




Continue making synopses




Orwell's editing tips

Harvard method

Put time aside to work as group on this and take it stage by stage.

Agree style sheet = keep it simple and use Harvard method

George Orwell, in Politics and the English Language, gives some useful editing guidelines:

Orwell's Politics and the English Language


Text editor(s)= organises the text(s) and makes the sentences flow

Copy editor(s) = checks the copy and makes sure it agrees with the style sheet – serves as a second pair of eyes for the text editor

Proof reader (s) = makes sure there are no typos or spelling mistakes, double checks the names and dates &c.


1) Components can be used as ANNOTATION to the reader, as INTRODUCTION to different texts and as a GUIDE through the whole

2) Synopses can be used as MAIN COMPONENTS IN AN ESSAY (see next session)

3) The WHOLE TEXT can be edited together as BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY or as part of CONCORDANCE

4) The elements can be SHUFFLED AND SCRAMBLED and FED THROUGH SOFTWARE to make new texts = THE SCANNER will present innumerable possibilities.

5) Synopses can be used as the basis for a CO-AUTHORED TEXT

SOME TEXTS MENTIONED AT END OF LAST SESSION (mostly re: critiques of knowledge monopolies):

Bodies That Matter : Judith Butler

Geert Lovink, Networks Without a Cause: A critique of Social Media: Cambridge, Polity Press, 2011. ISBN: 9780745649672

René König and Miriam Rasch (eds), Society of the Query Reader: Reflections on Web Search, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2014. ISBN: 978-90-818575-8-1, paperback, 292 pages. |

Society of the Query Magazine offer 10 articles in Dutch on web search and search engines, adapted especially for educational purposes.

The Dark Side of Google, Ippolita

Author: Ippolita. Editorial support: Miriam Rasch. Design: Katja van Stiphout. DTP: Margreet Riphagen & Katja van Stiphout. Printer: ‘Print on Demand’. Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2013. ISBN: 978-90-818575-6-7 |

Florian Cramer, Anti-Media, Ephemera on Speculative Arts, nai010 Publishers, Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy and Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2013. ISBN 978-94-62080-31-7. |

Geert Lovink and Miriam Rasch (eds), Unlike Us Reader: Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2013. ISBN: 978-90-818575-2-9, paperback, 384 pages. |