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XPUB1: SI18 RW&RM / large project space

  • 11:00 - 17:00 With Steve:

In The Cybernetic Explanation (1967), Gregory Bateson wrote: “If we find a monkey striking a typewriter apparently at random but in fact is writing meaningful prose we shall look for restraints, either inside the monkey or inside the typewriter”

In this session we will be using this small library to inform our experiments.

Text by Simon Yuill;

Scratch Orchestra's Nature Study Notes (1969)

John Cage's Song Books Vol 1 (1970)


Addition to small library: Eno: Oblique Strategies (card game)

Order of play

We start at 11:00. Please be prompt.

AM (reading and annotating):

1) Look at Nature Study Notes (1969) by Scratch Orchestra (ed.Cornelius Cardew) read out some of the instructions...

2) RAPID reading and annotation of all problems of notation will be solved by the masses

3) Return to Nature Study Notes (1969)

AM/PM (inventing and experimenting):

14:00 -regroup to organise workflow

Make pad with notations (scratches) on it

In groups, invent, perform, record notations

Time table:

pad for notation exercise

a) record your own notations

b) record notations from another group (so, we end up with different recorded versions of the same piece)

4) 16:30 upload and listen

5) 17:00 wrap up