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LB2: 11:00 - ± 13:00 meeting Florian Weigel, curator at V2_, who will be curating the 2023 Grad Show, in V2_ and UBIK, part of WORM [you'll be visiting both spaces - Starting in UBIK - WORM - through the garage door next to the main entrance, Boomgaardstraat 69]

  • In V2_ Florian will ask each of you to introduce yourselves and do a 5-min presentation of what you are intending to show.
  • He'll also speak with you about 2-students joining the curatorial team.
  • And, will need to sit with each of you closer to the build and after the assessment for a tutorial (in the week 25 19 - 23 June TBC)
  • Remember: Some of you have asked what the last sentence means, "a single screen work as part of the grad show group screening"

This means that those of you who choose not to attend the video sessions will show your work during the exhibition on one, shared screen with a playlist of your name, the title, and the time your films will be shown.