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LB2 Trimester 4 Project Proposal assessments: 09:30 - 17:45 day 2 with Simon (chairing) and Ine, Barend, David, Natasha as participating assessors in the small project space WH4.139 next to the office

Please have your assessment presentation archived, on the WDKA student archive website [link below to page] and delivered wetransfer to staff by the start of the day, Thursday 09.12. by 8am.

  • 20 Minutes: give a presentation making use of the wiki to show us: your graduation project (and thesis proposal should they overlap and support each other)
  • 10 Minutes: the panel can ask questions regarding what you presented
  • 10 Minutes: we ask you to leave the room, so the panel can discuss your research and representation, once we're done talking, we'll call you back in
  • 10 minutes: we will discuss with you your Project Proposal and give you feedback.
  • Total per student: 50 mins [ 7 x day2 ] - 5 min break between

09:30 - 09:50 —-> 20 minute - day 2, update assessors on day-1, prepare for the day

       09:50 - 10:40:  Dachen Bao [CN]
       10:45 - 11:35:  Sacha Dufils [NL]
       11:40: - 12:30:  Adèle Lucie Grégoire [BL]
       12:35 - 13:25:  Georgiana Barcan [RO]
  • 13:25 - 14:25: —-> 60-MINUTE BREAK
       14:25 - 15:15:  Ariela Bergman [PL/AR] ONLINE in Buenos Aires it's 10:25
       15:15 - 16:05:  Sylvie van Wijk [UK]
       16:10 - 17:00:   Mathilde Nai [NL] 
  • 17:00 - 17:45:—-> 45 minute - day 2, wrap-up /panel compare notes and finalise decisions

  • taken from the HANDBOOK

5.2.2 Integrated Formative Assessment: Proposal Phase (Trimester 4)

  • The second integrated assessment is in the fourth trimester and evolves around the graduation project proposal. Passing this integrated formative assessment allows the ECTS for third and fourth terms to be awarded.
  • In the proposal you analyse the questions and methods running through the work you have realized so far, formulate an artistic question and approach for further research, and establish a critical framework relevant to your practice. The graduation project proposal marks the transition from the first to the second stage of the study programme, and should thus give evidence of your ability to use what you have learned in the first stage to inform and steer a self-directed artistic research project.
  • The assessment criteria for the Graduation Project proposal are:

• The ability to select appropriate topics for advanced research. • The ability to develop and undertake a suitable strategy for research. • The ability to critically reflect upon, analyse and evaluate work already undertaken and to use the knowledge gained to (re)define the aims and direction of future practice. • The ability to describe and motivate objectives, topics and methods in a written proposal.

  • The assessment panel also takes into account whether the proposed project is realistic in scale and ambition, considering the limited time frame for the graduation project. This integrated assessment is called Proposal Phase and is supported through the Graduate Research Seminar.
  • Prior to the assessment process you must archive documentation and elements of the work and research you wish to submit for examination. We will not pass people who have not delivered appropriate documentation of their work on time.


for uploading your documents reference the archive protocol wiki page here:

link to trim 03-04 WDKA student archive