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XPUB1 and interested XPUB2: Bootleg Library workshop with Simon Browne, in the aquarium WH4.115

Time: 14:00-16:00
Place: the aquarium WH4.115
With: Simon Browne, XPUB1 & interested XPUB2

The digital bootleg library, calibre-web server running on a single board computer

The bootleg library is a digital/physical/social collection of unauthorised republished texts. It was initiated by Simon Browne at XPUB in 2020. The digital bootleg library is available to XPUB as a stable study resource. This session is to introduce the library to new students, and try out some ways of organising and annotating the collection. This session is open to XPUB1 and any interested XPUB2.

In this workshop we will:

  • have an introduction to the bootleg library
  • take a quick tour of the digital library
  • upload and download texts and edit metadata
  • create registered user accounts
  • make and edit shelves
  • try some ways of annotating the collection

Preparation (please do this prior to the session):

  1. Install pandoc, an open-source universal document converter:
  2. We'll also be using markdown, a simple markup language. Briefly familiarise yourself with it via this cheatsheet (full documentation is available here)
  3. Bring PDFs to upload, texts that you are familiar with and would like to share. It doesn't have to be an academic text, anything is ok (e.g cookbook, comic, novel, zine, ferry schedule, etc).

More about the bootleg library graduation project: User:Simon/Summary_of_the_bootleg_library
A practical HOWTO page for the digital bootleg library on the PZI mediadesign wiki: The_bootleg_library