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LB2 - Lecture with Ana Vaz from 6pm to 8pm

Talk with Ana Vaz, about three short films
Há Terra! | 2016 | 13min.

Olhe bem as montanhas | 2018 | 30min

Apiyemiyekî? | 2019 | 27min

ANAVAZ01.jpg ANAVAZ02.jpg
Still from Apiyemiyekî?, 2019 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Still from Há Terra!, 2016

Ana Vaz was born in Brasília in 1986.
She is an artist and filmmaker whose films, installations and performances weigh the relationships between myth and history, self and other through a cosmology of references and perspectives.
As assemblages of found and shot materials, her films combine ethnography and speculation in exploring the f(r)ictions imprinted upon cultivated and savage environments.

other resources:

SONIC ACTS - Ana Vaz: je préfère ne pas être mais à Tupi: l'âge de la terre

28th of February 2016 - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas


Topic: Ana Vaz Guest Lecture

Time: Dec 7, 2021 05:30 PM Amsterdam

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Meeting ID: 919 7131 0330

Hope to see you there !