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Everyone should check their HR email regularly. All official PZI/WdKA/HR communication will land there. Turn on your Zulip notifications as well, all internal course info will be provided there.

General Info

Official national and academy guidelines

Rules for cultural sector

The organization of any XPUB related event (of educational nature or not) must be discussed with Aymeric and Leslie.


XPUB staff and students

Order 💸 FREE 💸 self-tests for STAFF AND STUDENTS

"As of 23 March 2022, the Netherlands will virtually return to the ‘old normal’" (weekly/bi-weekly tests are no longer required, some may choose to continue to test weekly, others only when they have symptoms)

You can still order your free self-tests here: (this portal closed in the summer of 2022) The current recommendation is to test twice a week (obviously adjust based on the frequency of your IRL visits). You can order by lots of four, then you need to renew the order.

Instructions in English for DIY-SARS-CoV-2-virus Self-test, the packages we get from the Uni, and extra information about these tests can be found here: Flyers can also be downloaded in German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Polish and Chinese at the bottom of the page.


In order to offer IRL teaching consistently, we will have to adhere to the rules of the RIVM:

  • First and foremost: stay home and get tested if you have any symptoms like a head cold, coughing, tightness of breath, fever, sudden loss of smell or taste.
  • Self-quarantine and get tested if any of your housemates have symptoms as mentioned above.
  • Inform your course director and coordinator
  • In case you must quarantine you will be able to follow teaching online and catch up.
  • When at the academy, follow the rules of distance and hygiene (see HR guideline link below)

XPUB COVID Etiquette

Next to the official rules, we would like to take a community-based approach to the situation to ensure everyone feels safe, that we stay in dialogue with each other, and that we can make the most of the time we can be all together on location. These are not rules, it's an etiquette and we welcome the feedback of everyone to improve these.

  • We trust each other that we will do the necessary self-tests and follow the basic protocol already in place.
  • Staff and students wear masks all the time, per current regulations.
  • Simple ventilation can be quite important in a combined strategy for reducing transmission. We will open at least one window each hour for 10 minutes at the very least. Some staff and students may prefer to teach with the windows open all the time. Adjusting the radiators can help compensate for the cold air. Please wear warm clothes so we can ventilate sufficiently.
  • For one-on-one tutorials, be sure to notify your tutor/supervisor if you want to talk via video chat one day in advance of the tutorial, if possible. That way, if all students prefer video chat, a tutor/supervisor can decide to not travel to WdkA/PZI.
  • When having class, we setup a hotline jitsi + pad and use screen sharing de rigueur. This is useful:
    • To make clear that a jitsi channel will always be available and to assure students/evt staff who elect to work at a distance (for whatever reason) that they won't miss out / aren't adding any extra work or stress to the group;
    • To get used to working in this way if we do need either to quarantine or if we return to state of limited (staff) access to the building.


The frequency of updates is too high to maintain properly a section that summarizes/synthesizes the essential. It's also duplicate work. Refer to the links in this page to find what applies to HR/WdKA and the Netherlands in general. In doubt, and assuming you did RTFM already, don't hesitate to ping Aymeric and Leslie for questions!

WdKA Support

If you have personal problems, including financial issues, please get in touch with the student counselors through email or telephone directly:

to make an appointment register here:

WDKA/PZI student counselors are:

  • Clariet Helwig: [temporarily not available Feb 2021] tel. 010 - 794 4252 email:, chatten:
  • Marit Lems: tel. 010 - 794 6720 email:, chatten:


  • Eduard de Ridder: mon- thu