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-It’s a 15 seconds looping animation, which is named “Breath”. The animation was created for a festival that was themed with nature in 2014. The animation is basically consisted of simple natural elements, such as : leaves, insects and leaves breath. In the animation, several leaves kept swinging and breathing, a character who’s created by leaves’ breath started swimming through those swinging leaves, few insects were woken up by the breath character and then flew away afterwards.


-The animation was created mainly by hand drawing and digital softwares. After some researches on leave’s motion, shapes and colors, I started the project with a lot sketches. Those sketches were then divided into different parts, then scanned and colored digitally. Additionally, those colored elements were recombined and animated with a specific animation software and plug-in.


-My every day’s life is surrounded by leaves. They seem to be similar but also unique for every single piece. My mind is easily caught by the way leaves swing and shake in wind. The interaction between leaves and wind is subtle. Does wind swing leaves, or do leaves swing, therefore create wind? It seems to be abstract but also flexible for me to animate. Moreover, the relationship between leaves and insects who live among them offers me much space to be creative for the storytelling. In that case, I wanted to animate their motion and visualize it.