Audience Interaction (Wordhole)

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As part of the project Radio Worm: Protocols for an Active Archive, there is also interaction with a public and thus an audience. On the one hand, the audience consists of people who, for example, listen to our radio programmes (by chance), but at the same time it also consists of ourselves when we become listeners to our own programme. We interact with an audience when we talk about the project with acquaintances and/or strangers. What do we tell in these moments? Is there repetition in what we tell and how we tell it?

Extensions to this definition:

  • include examples of ...
    • ... radio shows with and without audience interaction (go specific)
    • ... include the purpose / goal of audience interaction
  • clear out specific situations in which audience interacts (one-way/two-way/no-way)
  • invite reader to interact with this wikipage (as (un)specific as we want) -> link to Thijs Wiki game