AstridvanNimwegen trimester, 2 2012

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Astrid van Nimwegen | Trimester 2, 2012

Boerhaave Project


In the second trimester I worked on a short video for the Boerhaave museum. For this I asked an overweighted man to dig his own grave, wearing only white underpants. I edited the material back to three minutes for the exhibition. I never edited my video's before and now I ask myself the question if editing can add something to my concept (and in which way) or either does it take out the strenght of my working methods I used before? Does the work need a cut or how can I use a cut in a way that it adds something to the work?

Boerhaave Video

A Man Digging

Short Film


Bolex footage plus X 80 Asa

As a sideproject I work on some experimental shooting with a bolex camera on 16' film.

Also I took part of a workshop in Worm and we developed film by using instant coffee and vitamin C; it worked!

Exercise with sony Z7e

tuesday march 6th

Essay's 2nd trimester

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