An Amateur Player's Guide to Better Picture

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In the process of learning photography, I bought many different types of photography handbooks to help me with better practice, such as 'Lighting tutorials' or 'How to get a qualified Commercial Photograph'. Most of them list the operation process for people's reference, though the operation tips are very useful,I won't read them if I don't need them. So I hope to make a completely different "perceptual" handbook that people are willing to read it even when they don't need an assisted practice. 
This photography handbook will be edited in a combination of texts and images. I hope to present the different stages I have gone through from the first contact with photography to now, and the different thoughts, stories, artists that influenced me and some unprofessional methods to create and shoot...Tips in this book-they're not rigorous, sometimes poetic, sometimes laughable. The best way to read it is to flip to any page and read it like open a fortune cookie.
This will be a long term project that I can keep developing, and I also would like to add other photographers' and artists' creative experiences, stories, photos... then make a series of publications.