Adversarial Interface

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Adversarial Interface
Creator Colm O' Neill
Year 2017
Bio Colm O'Neill (IE) Colm is a designer and researcher based in Rotterdam and Brussels. His work is concerned with mediations of digital literacy through graphical, user and programmatic interfaces. The research and practice that result follow the ideals of free and open source development models.

The practice of user interface design has developed over the last decade to support the spreading of ways and devices to access the Internet. On-screen user interfaces are actively thought of as experience producers, concerned with making tasks easy and making technical seems invisible. An outcome of this is a subset of practices of user experience design that has more roots in marketing than in visual design.

Adversarial interface is a website collecting tools, extensions, projects and research that enable agonism and critical responses to an overwhelming feeling of mono-narrative in user interfaces on and offline.

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