Abstract Violence

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Abstract Violence
Creator Cihad Caner
Year 2016
Bio Cihad Caner [TR] is a visual artist living in Rotterdam. His recent works focus on immigration, cultural identity, reality, counterfeits and production of space. Caner creates a visual by forging the borders of photography and video for a personal interpretation of how humanity can view its changing world amid its ever-evolving environment. He invites viewers to share his experiences by the reproduction of natural and found objects. These objects hold a powerful force of attraction: a moment of uncertainty between what is forged by the artist’s hands and what exists naturally.
Website http://www.cihadcaner.com/

The images of war and migration are mainly based on the images that are being circulated in mainstream and social media. Although, these violent and manipulative images form an important element of public opinion concerning the migration flux and war, they are definitely not direct representations of reality. How to represent reality? Can we talk about the reality in the time of image culture?

Abstract Violence investigates the image of current war and migration from its first place, from destroyed Syrian cities and from leftover objects. Caner questions the impossibility of representing violent images and how we interpret them within the time of the image culture. The project uses real footage that were shot by the artist in Syria during the recent war. Caner produces an abstract space with 3D scanned-rendered objects, which were collected from ruined houses to emphasize how these events become virtual and make us insensitive. The artist uses two sided video projection, as well as transparent sculptures placed under the screen in order to produce different realities.

Abstract Violence, 2016, HD, 11’ 08’’, Two sided projection, Polyester Resin