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Deadline extended to July 1st for Dutch and/or Dutch residents

application: http://pzwart.wdka.nl/media-design/category/apply/application/

Our students have backgrounds as filmmakers, graphic and web designers, media artists and activists, but have also included architects, fine artists, theater designers and musicians. Our common interest is to critically think about digital, lens-based, and computational media, and create one's own media work based on that thinking and research. The most simple formula we use is the following: it's media design as design of media, not just with media. The course has a special emphasis on Free Software and Open Source - because they provide the building blocks for self-created media and non-mainstream tools and work flows.

Our programme allows you to move flexibly and fluently across the rapidly expanding field of hybrid media practices: from software art, e-publishing, to a variety of lens-based practices for both new and traditional platforms. All elements of the course support your independent projects, providing skills that facilitate self-directed research. The staff consists of practitioners from a diverse set of backgrounds and practices: from software development and activism to professional video production and animation, from writing and fine arts to self-educated electronic hacking and 3D model making. The course is designed to be challenging and to encourage students to stretch out of their comfort zones and to critically engage with media in the realisation of their self-directed work.

The central elements of the course are:

  • Practice-based thematic projects that focus on a particular aspect of the contemporary media ecology
  • Research methodologies which helps you position your own work within the current context
  • Archiving, recording and presenting your work.
  • Free culture and free/libre and open source software prototyping
  • Participatory media practices
  • A DIY / DIWO [1] approach to media- and tool-making
  • Sound, film & video editing skills
  • Gifs Bug.gif

All these elements provide tools to differentiate your work in an increasingly complex and competitive field.

Students of the Media Design & Communication programme come from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and cultures, and their work encompasses a range of approaches to creating an individual media language: developing skills to create ambitious individual and group projects.

Check out our archive of graduation pieces and visit our applications page For more detailed course information check out the main page of this wiki; Course information and Thematic Projects

email Leslie Robbins with questions: L.J.Drost-Robbins@hr.nl