A Voyage of Discovery

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A Voyage of Discovery
Creator Inge Hoonte,
Year 2012

"A Voyage of Discovery" is a mixed media installation centered around the travelogue of my journey to the Island of Confirmation, the neighboring Island of Self-Doubt, and round the expansive realms of the Mind. Kybernetes, my childhood friend and excellent steersman of the HMS Project, guided me to several locations, where I further investigated the tensions between Confirmation and Self-Doubt. Along the way, we conversed with many scholars, authors, and other knowledgeable creatures about the self-corrective mechanisms of the Mind.

Excerpt from the travelogue:

"Before the accomplishment industry colonized the Island of Confirmation, it very much looked like the neighboring island Self-Doubt, which continues to live in a state of treacherous, pure nature. Confirmation sees so little rain that only dry humor cacti and dividivi trees can grow here. Over the years, the predominantly Northeastern wind has blown the ocean tide against the rocks, and carved out deep caves in the northern coastline. Known to the locals as the Coast of Clarity, the steep rocks are both gruff and impressive, and a popular destination for moments of contemplation."

At TENT, I display 300 copies of the printed text in the form of a 210x133mm printed booklet. This is a 44-page, black and white copy. Each copy has its own full color cover. The audience can choose which copy they want to take home, and read the story at their own convenience.