A Unique Line

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A Unique Line
Creator Junyu Chen
Year 2015
Bio Junyu CHEN (1990, China) is an artist using video and drawing as her main tool for self-analysis to address the visual language we communicate with. She has a specific enthusiasm for depicting the process of drawing physically and conceptually, and into the way we question the current state of drawing.
Line copy.jpg
Website http://chenjunyu.org/

Why to draw, here and now?

“Nature presents our eyes with colored surfaces to which painted areas of pigment may correspond, and with inflected surfaces to which sculptural surfaces may correspond. But nowhere does it present our eyes with the lines and the relationships between lines which are the raw material of drawing.” (Philip Rawson,Drawing). Drawing expresses the artist’s individual perception and produces a statement to the world by depicted lines. The underlying movements of the lines is the concrete documentation of this narrative. This work visualises the movements of “making” emphasing the lively and personal process of the drawing.