A Transparent Handmade Camera

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Transparent camera1.jpeg

During this thematic project I decided to build a transparent camera.

When I think about a camera I think about a dark room, light proofing, protecting the film. I guess I aimed at building a paradox of photography. I want to see inside the camera while I'm using it. The final photographs are of course important, but I'm open to any result.

The medium and its process is what I shifted my focus on.

Transparent camera2.jpeg This camera is made of red acrylic plates.

The structure is the one suggested by Mathijs van Oosterhoudt in his workshop where usually students build wooden cameras.

The shutter is made of wood but it's temporary as I'm working on a faster, smoother and more transparent one.

Transparent camera3.JPG Transparent camera4.jpeg

TEST 1 - Results using colour film

This camera is meant to be used with orthochromatic film (not sensitive to red light). However for a first test I decided to use regular colour film (120mm) and see where it would take me.

The negatives look completely black, but once I scanned them I realised that there are some colours and shapes.

The second test will be with orthochromatic film and with the new shutter.

Transparent CamImg005.jpg

TransparentCamImg002.jpg TransparentCamImg010.jpg Transparent CamImg006.jpg

The artist Anton Orlov also made a transparent camera: Clera