2009 200

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The Web: From 1.0 to 2.0 and back again


This trimester will be focused on the Internet / Web. We will cover fundamentals concepts of the web (Hypertext, HTML, HTTP, CSS), while making connections to scripting, using Python when possible, and other scripting languages (such as JavaScript) when appropriate.

Possible topics

Your technical plan for the coming trimester should include the topics you would most like to cover (web-related or not), for instance consider the following list of possibilities:

  • Form Basics (including GET vs. POST, HTTP)
  • File Uploading (via a form)
  • Generating an HTML page with Python
  • CGI
  • Animated GIF/PNGs
  • Image Maps
  • Auto-refresh & Redirection
  • Connecting to a database in Python
  • MySQL/Database Basics
  • Vector Graphics / SVG (+ scripting!?)
  • PHP
  • (Ab-)Usability
  • the <video> and <audio> tags of HTML5
  • text-only browsers (or other kinds of "special browsers" like in mobile phones or for special needs, like screen readers for the blind)
  • Frames
  • Remixing RSS Feeds
  • Generating RSS Feeds
  • Drag and drop
  • Alternatives to Scrolling
  • The blurring line between application and web
  • Javascript
  • JQuery / Prototype
  • Online Typography
  • Regular Expressions


Web Fonts

Technical Plans