1st Draft 921

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What are you working on now?

I wrote a short film script titled Inside Triangle. It is a comedy style dialogue happened between family members: the father, mother and daughter Mandy. Basically it is about a mean family sitting inside the car, and the arguments happen.

What are you thinking of making?

The first short film would be around 10 minutes and it is the part 1 of my “Arguments on screen practice”. The storyline relied on a long comedy style dialogue. The only scene is inside the car, maybe a little bit more scenes outside the window. I found Night on Earth by Jim Jarmusch is the ideal similar to my idea, but I would go more related to my personal aesthetics.

The second short film would be about the argument between the couple, titled Inside Bedroom or Inside Couple. It has the same structure as the first one. I am not sure if I will make the third. It depends on the situation.

How do you plan to make it?

The script of the first one Inside Triangle is done. Now I am looking for the actors. The hardest part is actually the acting… So I will shoot until I found the actors and practice the rehearsal. The actual shooting will be done within 1 day. I will make the actors put on the stylish costume and makeup. Make the space inside the car more dramatic. The equipment: I think I need one Gopro, one camera and one iphone. Some lights from WDK. I will discuss details with my cameraman.

Why do you want to make it?

This project inspired by my personal experience with my family. Drama is the exaggerated version of life...I just like to work on the things I see, I hear and I feel.

Who can help you and how?

I will discuss some practical method with Simon. Also I will ask for opinions from my classmates.

Relation to previous practice

If there is a relation between my previous project and new project, they are all about me. They are all videos. They are all narrative. I used a humorous way to express some negative opinions. I build up my style there. Also my audiences found my artworks funny, and I am satisfied with the result. Because behind the scene, the most important part is my attitude: I digest my negative thoughts and laugh about it all. It works.

Relation to a larger context

I am not sure which path I am going to go through, because there are so many aspects I can make relations with. Chances are: Dialogue in mono scene film The arguments in close relationship The artwork and its artist Build up a style

I will look up some art theory books and let’s figure out later.

Thesis Intention