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[Steve's feedback]

*What do you want to make?
[3d 360 degree environment animation. []Arising from a display I made in a department store in Saul. Previously my style has been colorful and boldly shaped in their design. I use bright colors and make character based design. My works are quite cute. ] One of my goals during my time in Piet Zwart is approaching to a new exhibitory method. Till last year, most of my portfolio were consists of 16:9 ratio videos or just digital images, but currently, I am focusing on how to maintain my style but using a new output. I am considering VR as my storytelling tool. I thought it would be a great attempt on creating my own world and develop my own visual language with new exhibitory method.

* How do you plan to make it?
Technologically : finding out the most efficient way to transform my 2D style images into 3D environment. I plan to use after effect. I have experience with this program and have found a method of rendering the wold I imagine. Theoretically : plan to research the meaning of VR or AR technologies (moreover, the new appreciating ways of art) in the art field nowadays.

* What is your timetable?
[I am currently working on it, testing, making the source of the design and testing it, with a VR headset, working out the spaces, distances and scale of the different elements. Trees, plants, flowers, bugs, butterflies, and animals, forest animals like tigers and foxesI . am working on different designs of trees.]
Too specific question at this moment….@_@

* Why Do you want to make it?
[It could be useful for my career to add to my portfolio and to imagine what my designs would look like ]
one of the main reasons why I got into VR is because it appeals the audience to participate into my work. In my opinion. In this project the designer is only me so I have more power about how the finished thing might be realized in real space. The biggest merit of VR is people can experience a stronger stimulus which is more memorable than others. With the gear, people can experience totally different mood being immersed in new environment. For example, One of the VR video that I watched was me being a totally different object, and I was totally overwhelmed by the story or mood came from the space. With such participatory tools, I want to be closer to the audience and allow them to experience my illustrations. Furthermore, It can be expanded to composing, motion tracking and other new technologies. This allows me to do in-depth research about new methods to project my work, which are the altitude I will keep, since I am a student.

* Who can help you and how?
I don’t know yet. But I am also considering having some interviews with someone who is an expert of this field if I need. I need to find out who can help. [Find a teacher here in Rotterdam]

* Relation to previous practice
This year, I have been working on some commissioned projects aside from school work. My client is Lotte World Mall which is a huge department store in Seoul and I was asked to make four different illustrations representing each season for their marketing campaign. My job is visualizing a concept and a story given by the client and a design agency. As I was told that this will be transformed into 3D structures and displayed in the department store, I had to think not only the details in 2D illustration, but also about each details being transformed into 3D materials. This is also the most attractive point of this project that I followed the streams and procedure of the 2D to 3D transformation. This led me to think about another new output for my work. In addition, This April when I was in Seoul, I went to Lotte World Mall to see my work. I got to walk around my designs. This was new for me and wanted me to think about using VR to create an environment which is surrounded by my designs.

* Relation to a larger context
[show other artists who do things you like - name them and show us some pictures]

 #participatory experience of art, # new way of reading images, #diverse forms of art.