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Do you recognize me?

l know you by heart.

My face hasn't changed, has it?

l've wanted to come backfor a long time.

Why didn't you come back sooner without me?

With or without you...

lt was the same to you.

l didn't say that...

but what l've found here is mine only.

You always said there was nothing to see.

l'm glad you're here.

But this isn't about us.

The heart never gets enough.

lt's the mind that rebels...or the body

One day l saw in the eyes of others what we call our love.

You look at it, under glass.

Do you love me or our love?

l'm looking at you...but not with the same eyes as before.

You looked at me with closed eyes then.

Here, l can feel the strangeness of our connection.

The bonds between us are stronger than we are.

We've lost the youth of our love.

The emotion, discovery, desire...the passion.

You think you stole my soul.

Yes, and you stole mine.

lf you wish, but what does that change?


Think of something you want to happen

Write it down

Discard the repeated letters

Make a glyph of the remaining letters

Focus your desire into the glyph

Think only of the glyph while performing the act

Forget everything