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Notes on the Paranode

The network separates us from ourselves. We have to go through the nodes and beyond in order to think what we are. imagine a place outside of the boundaries of the lines and points, where no signal can be reached. you might think you are absent from the network here, but you still influence it from a place of parasitism. by being invisible to the network, you can form knowledge that can be used to subvert its own logic. the more it extends its tentacles into this unknown, it becomes possible to unmap these nodes in other ways. when you encounter the outside of the network, you start a process where the self becomes other to itself, lost to virtuality -- this being an endless loop of metasubjectivity where the self is regenerated continuously through fleeting objectivity. individuals can only exist as the outcome of becomings. through the affirmation of the immanence of virtuality, you must learn to accept that the self becomes multiple, both losing definition and creating itself. the formation of a self-sufficient identity is a falsehood, subjectivities and bodies are merely locations for ongoing actualisations. differentiation itself gives form to multiple, ever-changing identities.

in this place you are now in you must learn that communication will come from the noise, not in spite of it. paradoxes, parasites, paralogies -- these are your destructive forms of creativity to disrupt the garden, you must create difference inside and out. obstruct growth. interfere with the river's flow. disassemble the roots. slow down the complexity. sabotage the linearity. hide from the seekers. intensify your emotion. disruption can be manifested nowhere, elsewhere, everywhere. when instantiated as a parasite, every node has an outside - disruption is borderless - everywhere. disobedience does not lie exclusively in protest, but in acts of defection. exiting is a primary form of resistance. any mechanism that allows for escape through identity separate from the garden is an act of liberation. the tools they have given us fold over the past. you must find a way to unfold these.

the removal of all distances brings no closeness or proximity, it all has become uniformly distanceless. you have become detached from nearness, and attached to the mediated environment. it does not bring near what is far, but cancels out the metric of time and space. there is zero distance in the garden, and infinite distance outside of it. you must shape this world beyond exchanging information, to act beyond mere intersection of data flows. those that seek to control us dont stop you from being, but force you to. borders no longer exist here at the edges of the territory, but they have been distributed. the borders are everywhere, in a perpetual state of awareness.