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Astonishingly, in the deep sea there is more life then anywhere else in the World The deep seas is where the life on the earth began. < the mid ocean ridge> Over 3/4 of the planet’s volcanic activity occurs in the deep ‘.. almost all of it above the mid ocean ridge The reefs hold as much life as tropical rainforests.

These are all one liners from the BBC and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II. series that I started obsessing on. The material has pushed me to research further and I found myself inspired by a phenomenon happening close to Cape Horn Where the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans touch but mix so slowly that a very visible line denotes their individualities.

First by collecting the images from the internet and applying them to a software that would transform image into sound, the end product will be a mix tape of the mix indeed.

o c e a n s m e e t i n g