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In this short talk, Zoe Beloff discusses her recent installation work, in which she investigates how are emotions and feelings have been turned into commodities and instrumentalized by global corporations.

In the installation, round projections are being shown of people reenacting emoticons.

Some brief notes:
Duchenne de Boulogne, who first catalogued emotions through electroshocking people's faces > atlas of emotions

She mentions 'slowspeak' from Orwell's 1984 in relation to emoticons on facebook etc.

Marey's analysis of soldiers marching

Man as industrial palace > body as factory

The camera does not lie > now > the algorythm does not lie

In the little screw (sovjet cartoon) machines all have their own distinct character and emotions.
Zoe Beloff wonders if we can imagine technology feeling emotions? She thinks that machines won't get emotions as that will make them less sufficient (nobody wants machines who react in an emotional way?) but that humans wil anthropomorphize technologies more and more.