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What do you want your thesis to be about? Introduction (500 words)

Three strands of thought could be considered in my practice. Researching the photographic medium, but also the idea of 'seeing' in itself, making the (gay) cinematic language my own, and LGBT issues/identity. In the thesis I would like to investigate further on the above mentioned lines of thought and by doing so reflecting on my own practice and methodology. I will do this by first looking at my past and current work, then I will look at the broader context of my work, how it relates to other practitioners/writers, and finally make a conclusion/reflection on the chapters mentioned before.

Past and current work (2000)

- photography: - methodology of the working table (tableau vs. table, warburg, tillmans)or collecting and combining images (curation), portraits (who I photograph and why, selfportraits), distortion (manipulation of my own images, obscuring), compositions or abstracted works, subjective gay male gaze

- video: queer cinema (kenneth anger etc.), - how

Relation to other practitioners, writers (2000)
Wolfgang Tillmans, If one thing matters everything matters.

Barthes in Marocco - Kenneth Anger -

Conclusion (1000 words)

Bibliography (not complete)
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LGBTQI++ rights:

Gay cinema:
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