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The hunt for moving images has led to the integrated youtube into our lives so we don't have to sit in front of the computer. Back in 2000 I used to think that I don't know many useful web sites with databases, eshops, free librarys and even search engines. Now I use only a couple of sites through which I communicate with friend, shop and search. As now the information is packed in the sites we daily use. If we use only a few sources of information, we might end up in the state of controled because the information can be directed.

We no longer have pations to watch a whole movie, act as children to whome is not paid enough attention. short-lived characters.

We are too naive, thinking that we are anonymous, while the only anonymous remain the one controling us.

Every situation is youtube worthy.

The algorythem of recommended is more of the same -> to be just like the others

The essential fact of postmodernity is we seek difference has not yes gotten through to the web 2.0 entreprenuniol class.

What we are consuming with the online videos is our own lack of time.

The big role of technology; the affect it had on the way art is made and the tools used.

Art and life had some too close together.

today it appears- that art and life are neither opposed to each other, nor have merged, they have changed places.

continuing with some foucault vein, the care of self is reformed to the care of the future self. personal ethics converted into self-serving interpreneurilism.

What is happening now is the development of distributed cognetive environments in which humans and computers interact in hundreds of ways daily ofthen unobtrusivly.

moving from immersion to eversion.

The absolescence of art and avant-garde techne - merges live and art.(maybe)

Life becomes more artificial(engineered and programable)

They maybe willing to change places and art will become more life-like

The principles efort and life converge around replication and repetition and aggregation


Constructive instabillity

failure has a place in the naratives of afaptive, dynamic or emergent situations; self- regulatory systems are inherently unstable. ( The electricity system as an example )

failure implemented in the system potential failure to be productive( specially enginnered as a design advantage) - (constructive instability)

Web2.0 (convergence culture) advertisements in youtube ( honda cog )

around the world in eight chicks (26p) balance is most beautiful just at the point where it is about collapse)


in connection to Foucault the regime of youtube everything looks like every thing else cluster bomb - archive all the links


Pythagoras switch - programmes refert long shots with pans and reframes rather than cuts

follow the tag, not the flag just as commodities, trade and labor no longer respec the boundaries of nation state.