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smart city contstructions

-is it build for the city/people?

what peoples dreams are, if you take that

utopia of glass and steel?

digital human -urbanizing, most of the major chalanges -global warming -health polution deases

-the majority are living it cities -they atract the smart people -through inovation, ideas

Is there a science of cities?

arp - smart city projects

are you creating a city that is better? it and cities - it is actually application of technologies to cities make more sustainable cities!

Masdar city - utopian city of efficiency

-more perceptive - to able to sence of its own state where is the congection - act by policy, technology ( make rational decisions ) in order to make citisens more happy, functiionnable

major aspects

how we produce it? how we consume it?

walkable live style - new way of city

sensonrs track polution... ability to affect change -> affect behaviour

not acheavable?

now it is not hard to save energy

the wind tower (related to training humans) led lights turn to red color if you consume more energy - gives me the feeling that I should consume less!

  1. $#############

but if you have more people, would you be able to control them>!???


if they create new comuneties in their homes or else where it is going to become part of the city?

what types of to bring people to it?? need hospitals?

new commercials on the city! to invite people to it?

Masdar has no soul!

a metropolis has its own charm; how people find the cracks and use them to express them selfs

Masdar no life, no creativety its not a thing that you can create, it has to come to it!

making things more ecological, efficent basicly it comes down to economic! if no, no live!

the city is a prison, has no cars... has a wall for the desert storm

the major buildings are surrounded with souldiers. restriction

in urban environment

people don't want to live in a sterile city

Masdar, you don't get the penalties if you use too much, or not responsive


its about making life in the city more interesting allow people do the things they do!!!!


the city is build for flow, what if you end up siting on the pavement??

the going to be a hard city to negotiate with

U dont need to super optimise!

The concreate builders? werent they wanting to do the same thing???

the more you measer the more you plan well

urban planning tend to be dominated by their physycality

the big data that is collected - adapt involve by continues interactions between them selfs

so using only data on one part of the system, is no good

biopower - physycal direct forcing ! example-= going through the airport, everyone is going with their pants down :D

Foucault used: discourse produces its objects

if you have facts to prove the case, its true then

empowering peple to measure things them selfs

it is the connections between people and their spaces!

the systems to keep them organized like a city

cities are organized

very particular functions that act well, but you cant add any change! no good!

to be able to hack, so to tweak it!

who is the smart city for? the city cracker or the controled person?

The state must look after people so it build up productivety free and happy and productive

my efficentcy is to important to me

Demand shaft gesalt shaft Soness writer

grass roots coming up and the leaders pushing down


Florian Kremer INteractivety is cybernetics but, they can be cybernetic without human interaction

our actions are dictated by protocols! for axample facebook! gives u a BLUE BACKGROUND ( CANT BE CHANGED )

PRESENTING IT AS A CHOISE ( but there is no choise, you have to put up with it ) its decisions which were made for us and presented to us as a extention of your choise!