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Creator Sebastian Cimpean,
Year 2012
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(re)describe is an immersive video installation that focuses on re-drawing physical spaces. This visualization, displayed on a 270 degree screen surrounding the audience, presents glimpses of the recognizable amidst an array of abstract images -sourced, generated and manipulated from physical spaces. The 270 degree screen encloses the audience within a new, unknown and undefined space, a space that is continuously changing and evolving as guided by the projections. As a whole, the project explores the effects that the manipulation and visualization of virtual and physical spaces has on the audience’s perception. My personal interest in recording and manipulating static and moving images, together with my interest in technology have placed me on a path where rather than building the content from scratch, I am using data recorded using cameras that is then modified and manipulated using various software in order to create the visuals that I’m interested in.

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This process started with a series of experiments: testing various software, hardware and techniques within the framework of the concept. The experiments allowed me to test the limitations of my tools and allowed me to understand the extent of what is achievable within the set parameters. Each experiment is documented and analyzed in terms of the ultimate goal of the project - perception of space. This process represents my practice based research. The research conducted weaved between various fields and subjects including the phenomenon of projected visuals, art theory, 360 degree panoramas, performances and happenings, as well as works that combine engineering, technology and art. The project was inspired by the idea of dimensions and Edwin A. Abbott’s satirical novella Flatland and was synthesized within a framework of simple geometry. The following pages are a report of how this project came to life, explaining the various shapes and forms it has been through, the experiments and research that were conducted and the final form of the project as it will be presented in TENT Gallery in Rotterdam.