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.from my notebook 21.09.21

vernacular of language=spoken as one's mother tongue

put your hands on things that before were invisible

WRITING: bring a text to life

vernacular becomes the standard and the opposite

everyday ephemeral aspects incapsulated in time

oral forms --> how to process something that has never been written?

Talking to Miriam about housing situation talking with everyone about housing situation not talking about anything else than housing situation why do we even need a house?

.from my notebook 22.09.21

answers from people - language patterns - emotions that come from it - collecting stuff from other people - the language people use to communicate bad news - using programming to edit the texts - mix the different patterns - if you mix them, do they still have the same meaning?


.from my notebook

Do you ever have the feeling that sometimes another language, a different one than your mother tongue, can explain better a meaning than all the words you could use in yours? to me, this word is overwhelming

.from my notebook

STANDARDISED TOOLS ARE THE NORM = NTLK is a collection of tools for data analysis --> process textual information throughout natural language processing

.from my notebook

can a language change a community?

are there vernacular languages that are more positive/negative than others?

why the world look different in other languages? why our personality changes if we switch language? -->processing different languages to see what happens?

.from my notebook

processing text to find an easy way to change a patriarchal, racist language to an all-inclusive one.

editing all texts to make neutral pronouns and adjectives

displacement of the meaning of texts -- reprocessing the standards to change them

toolkit about <<how to give bad news>> typical expression in different languages to give bad news -- recurrent patterns

.from my notebook 06.10.21

giving a book

letting people annotating them, mix them up

path: people choosing a word and follow the path --> <<path of choice>>

we could mix up real texts and popular/easy ones, like they were the same thing, switching titles, texts, meanings, covers. Everything like everything as the same value, not only what has been recognized by society/critics

what is real? what is not?

what if we present the texts without titles/authors? would people react differently without knowing the reputation of the text?

no start, no end. the reader can walk along the <<text>>. keywords--> give out own definitions --> in the definition you fid a new keyboard -- the reader can start from every point -- every of us: how do we differently perceive the definition? -- it can be every kind of media -- having a map in form of a book to orientate yourself into the definition sea

.from my notebook 10.10.21

collection of multilingual rejection patterns dataset

research on the meaning of rejection

(positive) rejection generator

the art of rejection

the sound of rejection