The Academy and The Corporate Public

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The Academy and The Corporate Public

A thematic project by Stephan Dillemuth (20 - 24 February 2012) 4 ECTS

Stephan Dillemuth examines the possibilities of artistic research in regard to the current shift in the concept of the public. He believes that this shift – particularly due to the impact of a totalitarian global economy – brings with it a different function of art, a different role of the artist and, something very important, a different quality of education and research. What role do artists, students, teachers, and researchers play in these developments? Is contemporary art production passively at the mercy of the present changes or does it instead grasp itself as a kind of epistemological tool?

Keywords: academy and the corporate public, research, problem, bologna, bertelsmann, creditpoints, ects, hochschulrat, unirat, studiengebühren, student fees, tuition, akademie, universität, university, history, institutional research, pubescent research, bohemian research, sponsorship, branding, corporate social responsibility (csr), LLL, life long learning,WTO, GATT, GATS, privatisation, knowledge, knowledge society, knowledge capitalism, public access, copyleft, communisation, fight.

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